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Sunday April 22nd - 12:38am

POPIN COOKIN ✌ (Taken with instagram)

POPIN COOKIN ✌ (Taken with instagram)

1 note tags: popin cooking japan japanese candy cute yum kawaii

Friday April 13th - 2:51am

My favorite x

My favorite x

1 note tags: autumn cat cute me white orange asian cat best

Tuesday January 31st - 9:00pm

2 notes tags: grape shochu japanese drinl lilac cute alcohol yum ice

Saturday January 21st - 4:09am

Um, my cat rules. Ok?

Um, my cat rules. Ok?

20 notes tags: cat awesome cute big eyes cartoon kawaii furry animal kitty rad

Friday January 20th - 9:11pm

I got given pink ciggys!!!

I got given pink ciggys!!!

136 notes tags: pink cigarette tailormade cute kawaii fuck yeah smoke

Monday January 9th - 9:35am

16 notes tags: pink me nightgown nana negligee pretty cute gpoy self kawaii mirror tattoo girl pale bambi disney vein underwear crucifix cross rosary hello kitty goth bra

Sunday January 8th - 5:45am

5 notes tags: pink negligee nighty frill cute rose vintage kawaii sexy cross silk girl legs pale

Sunday January 8th - 5:08am

2 notes tags: me self kawaii kid robot pillow donuts jam girl black jeans legs goth pale cute toys happy japan

Sunday January 8th - 1:49am

6 notes tags: me new pillow donut pink kawaii cute legs long bambi lingerie girl white pale

Saturday January 7th - 7:52am

Me and pink friends ^_^

Me and pink friends ^_^

31 notes tags: me personal dum dum girls record music girls rad babes pink hello kitty kawaii cute sweet happy!

Saturday December 24th - 1:58am

Look ! Its a music video with me in it! Shot a while ago for ROY IRWIN - LOVE SONG. being Robin was a dregrading experience….

15 notes tags: batman robin zina roy irwin girl patrol girl boy love song happy burgers date music video cute rick owen sneakers organ synth pop folk rock

Friday December 2nd - 6:48am

Nail vanity x2

Nail vanity x2

12 notes tags: me nails twin peaks black moon rad girl nail polish cute red room owls black lodge

Wednesday November 23rd - 5:13am

24 notes tags: cat kitten glass plastic glitter pink purple cute kawaii drink nail polish loveheart happiness i am a child

Saturday November 12th - 7:53am

1 note tags: bracelet pastel cute hearts candy kawaii bambi disney underwear lovely me

Friday November 11th - 5:08am

2,923 notes tags: rabbit cameo cute

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