+++++ I defy you stars +++++

Tuesday April 10th - 7:06am

5 notes tags: me tattoo bambi disney deer cartoon pretty lips piercing nose girl

Monday January 9th - 9:35am

16 notes tags: pink me nightgown nana negligee pretty cute gpoy self kawaii mirror tattoo girl pale bambi disney vein underwear crucifix cross rosary hello kitty goth bra

Saturday November 12th - 7:53am

1 note tags: bracelet pastel cute hearts candy kawaii bambi disney underwear lovely me

Friday November 11th - 2:29am

tags: bambi bodysuit cute disney girl kawaii lace legs lingerie me present underwear peter alexander

Thursday November 3rd - 1:25am

The best wrapping paper i have ever had

The best wrapping paper i have ever had

13 notes tags: presents birthday cute bambi disney kawaii amazing pretty awesome me

Saturday May 28th - 1:45am

And me and goofy.XXX

And me and goofy.XXX

5 notes tags: me personal goofy disneyland cramps disney

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