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Tuesday March 27th - 5:47am

Just had dinner with this dude, what a good guy!

Just had dinner with this dude, what a good guy!

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Sunday January 8th - 5:08am

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Saturday January 7th - 7:47am

Dum Dum  pre show

Dum Dum pre show

2 notes tags: me self makeup girl band dum dum girls red lipstick nose piercing fake lashes wasted black hair goth pop rock girl band happy wasted

Saturday December 24th - 1:58am

Look ! Its a music video with me in it! Shot a while ago for ROY IRWIN - LOVE SONG. being Robin was a dregrading experience….

15 notes tags: batman robin zina roy irwin girl patrol girl boy love song happy burgers date music video cute rick owen sneakers organ synth pop folk rock

Sunday November 6th - 4:36am

11 notes tags: me roy irwin husband girl smoking leather jacket lipstick goth cigarette sparkle wasted happy love long hair music

Thursday October 27th - 2:45am

Recorded at Roundhead today

Neil Finns studio , with my band Cat Venom…It was rad. Good Day!

9 notes tags: Cat venom Neil finn Roundhead Band girl happy recording music me

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