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Tuesday April 24th - 6:31am

Sneak peek- artwork for my bands cassette!!

Sneak peek- artwork for my bands cassette!!

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Saturday February 25th - 10:51pm

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Friday February 17th - 5:21pm

Stream this radio now to hear my band n ten mins!

We are doing a a live n session at Neil Finns roundhead !

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Thursday February 16th - 4:14am

My band…playing at neil finns studio “Roundhead”  for BFM…We have a drummer now though…so my keyboard doesnt have to do that anymore! X

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Wednesday February 15th - 12:05am

Cat venom!!

My bands new song just got playlisted on the radio! Yay!!!! \(^•^)/

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Saturday January 7th - 7:47am

Dum Dum  pre show

Dum Dum pre show

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Saturday December 24th - 1:58am

Look ! Its a music video with me in it! Shot a while ago for ROY IRWIN - LOVE SONG. being Robin was a dregrading experience….

15 notes tags: batman robin zina roy irwin girl patrol girl boy love song happy burgers date music video cute rick owen sneakers organ synth pop folk rock

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