+++++ I defy you stars +++++

Sunday April 29th - 7:13am

2 notes tags: me lighter slime green purple neon SLIME 90s bright

Sunday April 29th - 12:39am

Wut (Taken with instagram)

Wut (Taken with instagram)

1 note tags: twilight lol what hair dryer sparkle purple edward cullen kristen stewart robert pattinson

Wednesday November 23rd - 5:13am

24 notes tags: cat kitten glass plastic glitter pink purple cute kawaii drink nail polish loveheart happiness i am a child

Sunday November 13th - 2:49am

2 notes tags: bathroom bracelet kawaii legs me michael jackson nails skull sugar skull t shirt tattoo virgin mary girl pink purple heart

Monday July 4th - 4:22am

545 notes tags: bra babe purple

Thursday June 16th - 4:47am

3,095 notes tags: purple shake drink

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