+++++ I defy you stars +++++

Sunday July 22nd - 5:02am

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Tuesday October 18th - 5:33am

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Thursday September 22nd - 6:30am

"…I cannot live without my life!I cannot live without my soul..” -Catherine, Wuthering heights. ( currently am reading)"

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Tuesday September 13th - 1:12am

I miss my cat

: (  but she cant live in my apartment…. mewwww…

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Saturday August 20th - 6:25am

I cant deal with death

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Thursday August 18th - 5:10am

I am getting a tattoo in the morning….

my nana is dying and also my facebook just got disabled for some reason. If Liz shaw reported me im going to flip the bed.

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Saturday May 21st - 6:42am

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Monday January 31st - 4:53am

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Monday January 31st - 4:52am

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