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Saturday November 3rd - 4:11pm

Me ..

Me ..

3 notes tags: me halloween skeleton makeup skull girl day of the dead black white

Sunday November 13th - 2:49am

2 notes tags: bathroom bracelet kawaii legs me michael jackson nails skull sugar skull t shirt tattoo virgin mary girl pink purple heart

Wednesday November 9th - 7:10pm

Skull bracelet from camel bone

Skull bracelet from camel bone

54 notes tags: me self skull bone jewellery rad voodoo goth vintage beads white skin

Monday October 31st - 10:23pm

2 notes tags: me necklace pretty crystal blue skull kawaii jewellery girl diamonds chain goth breasts lol

Thursday October 13th - 5:09am

My new skull fairy lights…

My new skull fairy lights…

8 notes tags: skull fairy lights vernon ward swan me awesome halloween goth

Friday October 7th - 5:17am

Friday night… Got prescribed lithium, what a day.

Friday night… Got prescribed lithium, what a day.

4 notes tags: me personal sleeping pills lithium valium skull hello kitty drugs friday

Saturday August 20th - 6:13am

Swollen Arm!! New Tattoooo.x

Swollen Arm!! New Tattoooo.x

3 notes tags: me personal tattoo mexican skull sugar skull day of the dead swollen

Monday August 8th - 4:05am

225 notes tags: candle wax drip skull

Thursday June 23rd - 4:19am

454 notes tags: skull

Sunday May 29th - 5:23am

132 notes tags: skull coffins cross

Saturday May 28th - 2:21am

870 notes tags: skull human beetles

Wednesday May 25th - 1:32am

1 note tags: Breasts Babe skull

Wednesday May 25th - 1:27am

14,867 notes tags: necklace rad cross skull

Saturday May 21st - 3:26am

55 notes tags: death skull girl sketch

Monday April 25th - 4:10am

133 notes tags: satan cross skull

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